Satin Circus: ‘Expectations’

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Our favourite Finnish boyband Satin Circus have just released a new single and album. The single (their third) and the album (their first) are both titled ‘Expectations’.

Regular readers of Scandipop may already have fallen in love with these guys after ‘Emma‘ and ‘If You Love Me‘ made quite the impact on Scandinavian pop last year. And thankfully, new single ‘Expectations’ isn’t going to dampen your enthusiasm for them. It’s a huuuugely melodic guitar pop number with a big boyband chorus, a cheeky boyband verse, and some adorable boyband vocals. ‘Expectations’ is a veritable bundle of fun. The chaps sound like they’re having a right old lark while singing and playing on it, and of course that makes for an even more enjoyable listen for all of us – the very ones they’re singing and playing to.

The Nordics may well have a marvellous reputation for being the writing and producing talent behind most of the world’s top boybands, but they’ve never really been known for actually exporting them. With Satin Circus and The Fooo though, the region is getting on with doing the boyband thing better than most nowadays, and these fellows deserve recognition beyond the walls of Finland. ‘Expectations’ – both the song and the album – are world class pop moments. World – you need to listen to this.

‘Expectations’ (both the single and album) are out now and have been released outside of Finland too. Have a listen to the single;

EDIT: Today the boys have released the video for the single. Watch;



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