Who or what’s a Satin Circus?!

They’re a Finnish boyband who sound a lot like One Direction except they’re different in that they play all their own instruments and they write all their own songs blah blah blah. That’s not why we like them though, we like them because their debut single ‘EMMA’ is a fucking TUNE!

A super catchy, pop SLASH rock gem that kicks up a fuss and throws down a bouncy, happy beat. We said they sound like One Direction, and that’s a comparison they won’t be able to escape with ‘EMMA’, but luckily for them, it does actually sound like one of 1D’s better songs. If 1D had ‘EMMA’, it would be lead-single-off-an-album material.

Satin Circus are Kristian Westerling, or Krippe as he’s calling himself (vocals, guitar), Axel Kalland (keyboards, saxophone, vocals), Paul Uotila (bass, vocals), and Olli Halonen (drums, vocals). The band are currently recording their debut album with producers Patric Sarin and Peter Månsson, and the release is set for August 2013.

‘EMMA’ was released as a single on Wednesday, and MERCIFULLY the chaps had the generous foresight to release it outside Finland too. iTunes link below the vid. And YES – there’s a vid. So you can see the fellas larking about in sun, skinny jeans, and bow-ties. And thus fall in love them that little bit more.

Emma - Single - Satin Circus


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