Sarah Dawn Finer graced Swedish television this morning, to perform two brand new songs of hers. She appeared on Nyhetsmorgon, and brought with her, her brand new single and iTunes number 1 ‘Nu Vet Du Hur Det Känns’, PLUS another song from her forthcoming album, ‘Balladen Om Ett Brustet Hjärta’.

She was looking remarkably fresh faced and sounding her usual best despite the fact that she’d had a 2am wake up call to do a night time photo shoot for the cover of her new album, and then the standard 6am sound check for Nyhetsmorgon. Go home Sarah and spend the afternoon in bed. You’ve earned it.

Both performances below. And check out the video for ‘Nu Vet Du Hur Det Känns’, plus her Allsång På Skansen performance of it, right here.

Balladen Om Ett Brustet Hjärta

Nu Vet Du Hur Det Känns


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