Sanna Nielsen will be quick to capitalise on all of the love that she’s receiving for her appearance at Melodifestivalen this year with the rather splendid ‘I’m In Love’. Next week on Wednesday March 2nd, she releases her new album of the same name. Fourteen tracks of up-tempo schlager-esque tunage and down-tempo pop balladry, including last year’s singles ‘Devotion’ and ‘Part Of Me’, plus the song she’ll be competing with in the final of Melodifestivalen on March 12th – ‘I’m In Love’ (which is our favourite out of all the songs that have made the final so far!).

Being the darling that she is, Sanna has kindly given the exclusive to stream previews of the album ahead of its release. So below you can have a listen to what each of the songs will sound like. Except of course for her Melodifestivalen track – it’s not allowed to be streamed online until after this weekend, when the last of the four heats has taken place.

Here we go…….

Can’t Stop Love Tonight
Perhaps the strongest up-tempo track on here besides ‘I’m In Love’, and the one that sounds most like it could be a Melodifestivalen track.


Demolition Woman
Super catchy chorus with an addictive “da-da-na-na” vocal riff. It doesn’t sound like the usual Sanna, but it suits her.


Her hit single from last year has been given a subtle remix making it sound a little more crisp and up to date. Love it.


Foolish Heart
Sanna channels her inner rock-chick here, but does so with plenty of strings and a strong backing choir also, to bring it all back to pop.


If You Were Mine
Schlager ballad territory, in that it’s got the simplest of melodies and sounds sweeter than sweet.


Just Like That
This album’s ‘Empty Room’? It’s certainly the saddest thing on here. If ‘Empty Room’ was Sanna lamenting her lost love, ‘Just Like That’ is her wishing those feelings away.


Not Afraid To Love
Celine Dion-esque ballad. We thought Sanna’s last album was quite ‘A New Day Has Come’, so it’s nice to hear that she’s kept the Celine references in sonically.


Haunting electro ballad which overdoses on the drama. POSSIBLY our favourite slow number on here.


Part Of Me
Another single from last year that you may already be familiar with, and indeed enamored with also!


Take Me Home
Soaring balladry which rises and rises. A little on the epic side, with our Sanna achieving a nice high note along the way.


This Time Love Is Real
Mid-tempo MOR guitar pop, slightly bland, but perhaps only in comparison to everything else on the album.



Strong stuff, Sanna! The emphasis is clearly on the melodies, be they in the slower songs or the up-tempo gems. It’s all very very pop, which is just what we wanted, no…actually NEEDED, from a new Sanna Nielsen album!

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