Samir & Viktor: ‘Success’

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Here’s a big summer tune that has turned out to be literally just that – a genuinely popular soundtrack to the summer months for a lot of people in Sweden. The song has been number one on Swedish iTunes – and more importantly, Swedish Spotify. What’s more, it’s still in the top three on Spotify over three weeks after its release. So it’s a proper summer hit. And quite the feat for what on the surface could be seen as a vacuous novelty song.

And why the novelty? Well the act Samir & Viktor is the pairing of two it-boy celebrities. Samir Badran from reality TV show Paradise Hotel, and Viktor Frisk – a huge Sweden fashion blogger who was briefly a member of the Lvl4 boyband. The novelty also stems from the lyrics. Here’s a choice translation; “everyone from east to west, we in Sweden are the best”. And the “success” refers to a night out being amazing. Say what you want readers, but that’s the kind of language we can relate to, ta very much.

The song itself starts off a bit generic, but it ALL GOES OFF when the instrumental chorus comes around – a chorus which is very reminiscent of the Greek entry from Eurovision this year, ‘Rise Up’. ‘Success’ could just as easily be a popular Romanian dance track, rather than the surprise debut single from two Swedish celebrities. It’s blatantly been created to capitalise on summer party season – and judging from the reception so far, it’s achieved exactly what it set out to do. And you just can’t begrudge them that either, as the song is actually really enjoyable in the context it was intended for.

So all in all – success;

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