Robyn her of all dignity.

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So, there we were, all sat in front of the laptop, waiting for the youtube video of a new Robyn performance to buffer fully. How exciting!

But what. The fuck. Is that monstrosity of a show?!

Robyn’s performance of the song is fine of course. But what in the name of holy Nazareth is going on around her?!!! She’s been given the entrace to some shed as her stage. And there are about 12 people all huddled together to make it look like a packed crowd, even though you can clearly see that they’re just in some tiny faux garden, with a busy road full of traffic just inches away and in full view in some shots. What the hell?! This is a show from the United bloody Kingdom! Couldn’t they have cobbled together something a bit better? Poor Robyn. And even the possibility of enjoying listening to her sing is taken away from you, as the producers have obviously made the 12 people shout ”whoooh” at regular intervals of every five seconds. What a shit show!

Does anyone know what this show actually is? We’ve only lived away from the UK for just over 4 months now, but that all looks like it’s from another world!

Poor Robyn.

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