Robyn: Calls her remixers…

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Our high priestess of Scandinavian pop music, a one Robyn Carlsson, has gone and released a remix EP for her current single, ‘Call Your Girlfriend’. The original is still doing wonders for our ears, and is firmly up there in our top 10 Robyn songs of all time (oooh – an idea for a future post perhaps?!), so it’s great that it’s getting the single treatment. Although having said that, we’re still waiting on a bit of a promotional push for it, otherwise it’s a single in name only really. Perhaps that’ll come at some point in the future, and is all part of Robyn’s big plan. But for now, these remixes are a jolly good start-

We’ve got three official mixes released, all offering something very unique, and tailored towards different dancefloors and listeners. So then, there’s….

  • The Feed Me Mix (warped dubstep. A bit like Nero’s ‘Guilt’ in that we love listening to it, but couldn’t imagine ever being able to dance to it)
  • The Kaskade Mix (the most commercial of the three, hugely uplifting, and using all of the vocals, unlike the Feed Me mix)
  • The Sultan & Ned Shepard Mix (a tad effed up, but still largely commercial. This also uses lots of the vocals, rather than being a semi-dub. It’s the biggest rave-out of the three, and features some heavy guitar action)

Remixes packages are often a bit hit and miss, but this one is hit, hit, and indeed, hit. Not that we expected anything less from her.

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