Robin: ‘Frontside Ollie’

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Meet Robin.

He’s a 13 year old boy who has just become a popstar in his native Finland.

‘Frontside Ollie’ is his debut single, and Universal Finland uploaded the video to YouTube four days ago. 386,000 views and a release later, the song is now number 1 on Finnish iTunes. So we’d say that as debuts go, Robin’s has gone quite well!

As for the song – well it’s pop rock. There are guitars aplenty. And we almost let that put us off. But we’re glad that we didn’t allow such small mindedness on our part. It’s got a spectacular chorus that’s painfully catchy after only one listen to the song. In fact, we can’t speak a word of Finnish but we found ourselves chanting the words “frontside ollie” for a worryingly large percentage of this afternoon.

Worrying, because we don’t quite know what we’re saying when we’re uttering such words. What DOES ‘Frontside Ollie’ actually mean?!

Google translate was no help, so we consulted a Finnish friend of ours. At first he didn’t know either, saying that it was probably “something the kids are saying“. He got back to us later though, and confirmed it’s actually a skateboarding term.

So there you go;

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