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Agnes has gone and commisioned a couple more remixes of her 2011 comeback hit ‘Don’t Go Breaking My Heart’, to give it a fresh lease of life throughout the year’s party season.

We’ve already had the still-very-ace radio edit, and the Niclas Kings remix, now comes the arrival of two new mixes courtesy of a Swedish remixer by the name of Joakim Daif (who’s also done a bit of tampering for September before).

The first remix isn’t a huge departure from the original. Those immaculate strings are left alone, and if anything – enhanced to the level of divinity that they deserve to be associated with. What he’s done, is give it a large kick up the proverbial arse in terms of lending it an even bigger bass line. It’s a gentle makeover – simply preparing it better for a night out ‘on the tiles’.

For the second remix, he’s recruited a chap called Fredda L, and together they’ve electrified it. The holy strings have been replaced with murderous synth stabs, giving the song a totally different flavour. All of a sudden the night on the tiles turns into a straggler session.

Both should give the track a little more rotation until the next singles comes along. And you can indulge in some said rotating below;

Daif Remix

Fredda L & Daif Remix

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