Some Scandinavian hits that we’ve recently scribed about have now spawned their very own pop videos. So let’s revisit those songs and take a look at what they want to show us;

Maria Mena’s ‘Homeless’ is going from strength to strength in her native Norway where it has just been a-listed on national P1 radio. The video is a downbeat affair to suit the mood of the song. Maria sat in a grey coastal area. And there’s occasional shots of a man. We particularly like it when she finishes the line “I breathe the masculine scent of his skin” – and then there’s a close-up of a guy’s semi bearded jaw. Brilliant! Here’s what we’ve already written about the song itself.

Peter Jöback’s ‘Jag Har Dig Nu’ is now out in Sweden, as is its parent album. We’ve already written about the song here. The video has now premiered and oh my word, it’s blush inducing! It features Peter and his female co-star (and co-vocalist, Izabella Scorupco) rolling around a bed and pulling an alluring assortment of ecstasy riddled facial expressions throughout. Possibly not one to watch while you’re in the office. But if you’ve ever wondered what Peter’s cum-face is – here you go;

Rasmus Seebach’s triumphant translation of ‘Natteravn’ to ‘Calling’ sees its international plans ramped up a gear now with the arrival of its video. In the vid we see a handsome Rasmus wander a lone nightlife setting, calling out to his departed lover. He walks the streets, keeps a watchful eye from the back of a car, and sits in a bar that’s clearly closed. Well you certainly aren’t going to find her in there Rasmus. Here’s what we said about the song earlier this month.

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