Rebecca Stella: ‘Give Me That O’

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Here’s a new pop tune that’s become a sizeable hit in Sweden over the last week or so – in iTunes sales terms at least.

It’s ‘Give Me That O’, by Rebecca Stella – a Swedish part time singer, part time model, and part time socialite. The song is pretty much the sound of pop music over the last 12 months or so. It’s particularly RedOne flavoured, and you really wouldn’t be all that surprised if Pitbull popped up near the end giving his tuppence worth. He doesn’t though, thankfully. And the track is all the better for it.

We spent a great deal of the song wondering what the O stands for. Then after listening to the lyrics of the middle eight, it hit us – WHEN SHE SAYS ‘O’ SHE MEANS ORGASM.


Last week, her US record label Ultra Records premiered the video for the single. It looks like the sort of video an independent Danish record label would come out with. And as anybody who follows this website avidly will know, that’s pretty much the biggest compliment that can be paid to a song’s visual these days. It takes about 44 seconds for any music to start playing though, so be patient.

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