Rebecca & Fiona: ‘Bullets’

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rebecca och fiona snyggast i vrlden 120884708

Swedish duo Rebecca & Fiona release new single ‘Bullets’ in Sweden tomorrow.

You might know these girls if you went along to see Robyn perform live anywhere in Europe last year. Although reviews of them as the support act, mainly labelled them along the lines of ”those two drunk girls that played records on stage before Robyn came on”! The self styled ‘It-Girls’ are famous in Sweden through DJing, music blogging, hosting a web series on SVT, and genereally doing the whole Scene Queen thing very well. They’ve released one single before, ‘Luminary Ones’, which wasn’t to our tastes at all, but became a sizeable enough hit on iTunes, and still regularly makes re-appearances in the top 300 there.

New single ‘Bullets’ is MUCH more to our liking though, a whole lot better. It’s got a ridiculously enjoyable pounding deep house beat to it, which uses a dreamy guitar riff quite heavily. This is coupled along with their equally dreamy, and effectively detached vocals. It’s all very hands-in-the-air, but not in a clubbed up euphoric way, more a 6am Sunday morning too-tired-to-do-anything-else-on-the-dancefloor kinda way.

It works. We like. A lot.

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