Raqoon: ‘Games’

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Here’s a rather exciting debut single, and for that matter artist. Swedish DJ, artist and producer Raqoon. A lady who we are calling exciting because she appears to be something a little bit different, and because we really like her first single, ‘Games’.

What’s “a little bit different” about her (going by the one song we’ve heard, but hey) is the fact that she makes banging, commercial electrohouse music, yet sings over the top of it in a quirky and twee indiepop voice. Hardly reinventing the pop wheel, we know, but it certainly makes for some interesting and enjoyable listening. ‘Games’ is a thundering, chugging, bass driven banger with an instrumental melodic breakdown as its chorus. Its structure is a bit weird in that there aren’t enough vocal parts, but then we can’t complain about that really since the production that takes its place is so good. So we’ll just take it as it is.

The name Raqoon comes from the fact that she’s always out late at night and into the mornings, and wears a lot of black eyeliner. If you were wondering.

‘Games’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.

RAQOON – Games (Original Version) by uniformbeat


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