Rabih: ‘Maskrosbarn’

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Swedish pop chap Rabih Jaber has got a brand new single out. His THIRD this year (good on him!) and sixth in total, before we get any sniff of an album or EP from him.

‘Maskrosbarn’ is the latest. And it follows on from his usual trend of dancepoptastic tracks with a catchy pop melody over the top of them. We were wondering what ‘Maskrosbarn’ actually meant – some sort of child. But a Swedish friend of ours has just confirmed that it means Dandelion Children. Children who have a hard time growing up, but whom come out stronger in the end, regardless of everything that’s going against them. And so it turns out that the single is all for charity – to raise awarenss of the Maskrosbarn foundation.

Going back to Rabih’s amazing run of singles though, we must say it’s a massive shame that he’s doing all of this to what’s been absolute indifference in his native Sweden and beyond. All of the songs have been top notch in quality – you just can’t argue with how good the likes of ‘Leave The World Behind‘, ‘You & I‘, and ‘Om Du Vill Se Mig‘ have been. YOU JUST CAN’T! We’re glad that he’s soldiering on with releasing the great tunes regardless, but we’re a bit concerned that it probably can’t last much longer given the way they’re (not) being received. If you’re reading this Rabih – please do keep them coming!

As yet, ‘Maskrosbarn’ hasn’t been released outside of Sweden. But you can listen to the 90 second preview that’s streaming on the Swedish iTunes store here;

[audio:https://www.scandipop.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/Maskrosbarn-preview.mp3|titles=Maskrosbarn preview]

Maskrosbarn - Single - Rabih


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