PULS: ‘Lad Det Slå’

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Well this is a club monster and a half!

New-ish Danish pop boys, PULS, have released their latest (and second) single, ‘Lad Det Slå’. And we’re a little bit in love with it.

It’s a big and bold electro dance pop track. Bits of Taio Cruz, elements of REbound, and a small helping of Rasmus Seebach. It all starts off as a ballad, strangely enough, then morphs into a bit of a disjointed mess if truth be told. Until the chorus finally comes into play. And THAT’s the point at which we become hooked! It’s got a fantastic hook to it. Nothing revolutionary, nothing new – just a lot of what is working very well in clubs, on radio, and in charts all around Europe right now.

Our favourite bit though is the last 50 seconds, when all vocals stop, and it just becomes a huge and unashamed synth-dance-fest!

You can hear the full track and watch the also quite entertaining video below;

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