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As an aspiring musician, it can be hard to gather an audience and take your career to the next level. Even if you’ve got the goods, you still need to find the listeners! Still, the online world has opened new possibilities to build a brand, and a combination of traditional and new will get the best results.

The essential part of gaining exposure as a new musician is to make music, which means getting into a steady rhythm of writing and recording tracks or short pieces and mixing them ready for upload. Quality content is the foundation for everything that will follow. So, whatever your style and genre, you must make great music!

The digital world provides many platforms for new musicians, from Spotify to SoundCloud and, of course, YouTube where many artists have made it big. You can use any of these, but if you are serious about your music career, it’s crucial to have a professional website. From here, you can build your brand and get creative with content that you share across multiple channels.

Your content would include uploads of songs or at least samples as well as videos. Backstage footage or videos can also build hype and give a more intimate view to the audience. For example, check out these Melodifestivalen photos released shortly before the start. A blog will also help you to gain exposure. You can write about your music, genre, or pretty much anything related that your audience would enjoy. As your audience grows, however, you may want to consider hiring a small team to help manage your website and social media accounts.

It’s also good to focus on individual fans, but lots of musicians forget to focus on forming relationships with other businesses. Speak with DJs and radio presenters, TV channels, more established musicians and work with influencers who can help you gain more exposure and interactions. The point is these businesses often have a bigger audience, and thus, they can get the word out about aspiring artists like you.

As well as creating an online presence, you should also get out there and play. Gigging should always be a top priority for new musicians, as it’s the best way to form a strong connection with your audience and to keep them loyal. Look within your community for any opportunity to perform, even if the pay is poor or non-existent at first you need to get the word out before you can earn more money. Events, weddings, functions and local bars are an excellent place to start.

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