Pride…In The Name of Schlager!

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Stockholm Pride took place in Sweden last week. And as always, it was ALL about Thursday night’s Schlager Pride show. Gays have long been accepted in Sweden and so nowadays pride events aren’t about shouting for equality, they’re an excuse to get popstars to glitter up, come down, and sing a song or two! Usually Schlager Pride is peppered with countless acts coming on stage and singing their biggest hit, or two if they’re lucky. But this year the line up was shortened drastically, as organizion duties switched hands. However, there were still more then enough treats on display. Here are some of our favourites;

The dress is back!!! Shirley Clamp dazzled everyone when she disrobed to reveal the same dress that we wore at the 2004 Melodifestivalen, and took ‘Min Karlek’ to 2nd place. What a performer. What a voice. What a rack!!!

And here’s Magnus Carlsson doing a medley of some of the very many Melodifestivalen songs that he’s been involved with. Don’t you just love this guy’s back catalogue? And he’s somehow lost even more weight now.

What a lovely garment she’s got on! Velvet looks fabulous as always and puts in a great performance before and after the key change.

What a BASS!!! Here’s Lili & Susie performing our favourite song from this year’s Melodifestivalen, ‘Show Me Heaven’. Flawlessly as always.

And we’ll finish off with Charlotte Perrelli, being sensible by keeping the fringe in her hair, and ‘Hero’ in her setlist!

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