Most Popular Eurovision Songs of the Past Decade

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The Eurovision Song Contest is among the most popular music extravaganzas in Europe and across the world. It usually brings people together for a night of entertainment and healthy competition. In addition, it also showcases the rich cultural history of the ever-changing musical tastes.

Since it was founded in the 1950s, the competition has so far produced 67 winners. From Corry Brokken of the Netherlands to Jørgen Ingmann of Denmark, many singers owe their fame to this contest. In this article, we will look at the top songs that have shaped Eurovision in the past decade.

1. Loreen – “Euphoria”

Euphoria, a song by Loreen from Sweden won the Eurovision contest of 2012. The singer’s performance was critically applauded by fans as one of the greatest in the history of the competition. Furthermore, the song left a lasting legacy and still resonates with many fans to date.

2. Conchita Wurst – “Rise Like a Phoenix”

Sang by Conchita Wurst from Austria, “Rise Like a Phoenix” took the top spot in the 2014 Eurovision competition. In fact, it was Austria’s second win since their first one back in 1966. The singer’s brilliant performance and creative utilization of stage lighting made the song quite memorable.

3. Mahmood – “Soldi”

Soldi, a song by Mahmood competed in a tight race and emerged 2nd place in the Eurovision contest of 2019. Hailing from Italy, the singer put up an impressive performance that left his fans clapping along. Additionally, the valuable teachings in the song have contributed to its huge popularity to date.

4. Sergey Lazarov – “You Are the Only One”

This hit song was Russia’s entry into the 2016 Eurovision music contest. It managed to get enough points to emerge third overall but was clearly the audience’s favourite. Today, it still remains to be among the best Eurovision songs of the past decade.

5. Loïc Nottet – “Rhythm Inside”

The song “Rhythm Inside” by Loïc Nottet was Belgium’s entry into the Eurovision contest of 2015. It emerged among the top five in a competition that was quite stiff. However, the singer’s unique voice made the performance to be among the most memorable ones to date.

6. Duncan Laurence – “Arcade”

The Netherlands permits online gambling meaning players can register at Platin Casino online. Apart from that, it’s home to Duncan Laurence, the singer who won the 2019 Eurovision contest. Laurence, with his song “Arcade”, enabled the Netherlands to achieve its fifth win in the history of the Eurovision contest. Moreover, the song became highly popular across social media, especially Instagram and TikTok.


The Eurovision Song competition is Europe’s biggest celebration of popular music and cultural diversity. Apart from that, it offers a platform where people from different countries can cultivate international collaboration and ties. At its best, it also enhances positivity and friendly competition among various contestants.

The aforementioned are the most popular Eurovision hit songs of the past decade. Other notable entries include “Gravity” by Zlata Ognevich from Ukraine (2013) and “Undo” by Sanna Nielsen from Sweden (2014). Going forward, we are going to see a rise in quality as well as more diverse content in the Eurovision Song Contest.

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