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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, everything has gone to its worst form. As every person is advised to stay in his/her house due to worldwide lockdown so; the clubs, bars, arenas, coffee shops, and theaters are closed. Music artists are silent due to this pandemic. In this bad situation, musicians are trying to put a smile on their fans by doing digital concerts, surprise release, and live streaming. Music has not ended. We need music to comfort and escape from stress, and to raise hope of living, especially nowadays when people are worried about their relatives and friends.

Waxahatchee and Fiona Apple have released some music albums that are the true and real reflection of our current time. These two singers offer solitude in human spirit and individuality in their dancing songs. Others, like Jamie xx, have given us live concerts and surprise releases and create a welcome distraction from the tracks of quarantine parties. It will not be wrong to let the music heal us and keep our spirits and individuality buoyant until we go through this difficult time. This year’s best dancing music list is given below:   

  1. Waxahatchee “Lilacs”

An energizing sense comes out while listening to “Lilacs.” In the shade of great composition, Waxahatchee sings about the loneliness and the recreating power of nature. She sings in the song’s opening lines that I see the lilacs drinking water, and then lilacs die. The song has an easygoing complexion and a strong sense of hope. This song certainly leaves the impression that things will get better soon after the disasters.

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  1. The Lone Bellow “Martingales”

You may have heard the news that things are going bad, things are exhausting, and so on. Although 2020 is too long to bear, it isn’t easy to find spare time. As our life full of tension and worries needs extra credit, this melodious song is a great way to get rid of worries. Zach Williams pleads “Martingales” beautifully. Rasp-lined instruments propped up over warm acoustics by his bandmates’ harmonies. You’ll certainly find something like comfort by listening to this song.

  1. Dua Lipa “Physical.”

‘Physical’ is the new song from singer/songwriter Dua Lipa. Anyone can dance on this track with full energy and use of vocals. It would be best if you listened to this song. Her music is perfect for a party or a night out due to an outstanding beat. Although “Physical” has a pulsating beat and also beats less at some points, yet it is a loveable and energetic track to listen to. The video perfectly suits its music because of its reflective and bright color and CANADA’s use of eye grabbling.

  1. Little Big Town “Next to you.”

The little big town released its gently rolling and atmospheric music, “Next to you.” It is a song that is made for late-night listening by a warm winter fire. The tone of this loving track eventually builds to a more dramatic, powerful, and conclusive. The quartet’s performance comes off due to audio mix during their appearance in Late Night on Wednesday. It makes their sound a bit distant, but their mesmerizing harmonies shine and remain at the front of the group’s most enchanting qualities. This song conveys that a friend cannot leave you alone, even in the most challenging time. “Next to You,” is penned by Hillary Reynolds, Michael Jade, Trevor Jarvis. It is one of the most romantic music that has a top position in Billboard’s country albums chart.
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  1. Andy Shauf, “Neon skyline.”

Andy Shauf’s neon skyline is a beauty. These perfectly manicured tracks are enjoyable and are easy to listen to. It would be best if you did not overlook the fantastic lyrics of this song. Andy Shauf’s hypnotizing and mellow voice has similarities with Cass McCombs, Paul Simon, and Conor O’Brien (Villagers). This music’s lyrics are perfect without and are not unnecessarily highbrow sophisticated or exclusive. He sings as effortlessly in front of his audience. His voice is confident rather than brash or boastful.

The characters who are present in his songs are far from a perfect specimen of humans but a relatable distillation of troubled souls. Similarly, his song characters share dualities. Overall, the neon skyline is an outstanding track to listen to.

  1. J Hus “Big conspiracy.”

J Hus track “Big Conspiracy” is brooding and weary. Big Conspiracy was released after troubling 18 months for J Hus. It dealt with a fair few issues in-between album releases. J Hus doesn’t put these problems in front of others. His recent experience has changed his worldview. This album of J Hus is far more inward-looking and controlled than its precursor.

  1. Jamie xx “Idontknow.”

This song of Jamie xx starts with drums that would not sound out of place on a Fela Kuti b-side. Accelerating to 160 BPM, these beats give a pulse to the track. Bursts of vocals—one pitched up and melodic, this song is a perfect beauty. There are numerous techniques to display here, but as individual elements work cross purposes, the track starts oscillating between creative exploration and bland craftsmanship. It is the Jamie xx has returned to liven up your self-isolation through “Idontknow.” It is his first solo music track since 2015. This heavy track is built over five minutes, with some hypnotic vocal samples 

The percussion-heavy track builds steadily over five minutes, eventually settling around a series of hypnotic vocal samples. It is one of the best soundtracks Jamie xx has given to his audience.

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  1. Bad Bunny “Safaera”

This five-minute track of bad bunny’s album “YHLQMDLG” contains almost eight beats, five different rap changes, and a ten-year experience of reference. It is an incredible feat of scope and production. The producers and bad bunny have spun it into an irresistible inventive. It is the most influential soundtrack among the world hip hop due to its genre. Bad Bunny will continue to be a lead innovator in the world. He has revealed every reason he deserves to be the biggest pop star in the world in 2020.


These are the best dancing hip hop music of the year 2020 because of their universal beats and outstanding composition that will always remain in their minds.

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