Last night, the Världens Barn gala took place in Stockholm and was screened by SVT. On top of raising money for children in less fortunate nations (to the tune of around £7million!!!) it also served to present a plethora of pop performances.

There was plenty on offer to delight our tastes, including most excitingly for us – the premiere of the new Elisa’s single, plus the first time Danny Saucedo performed his album track ‘Cassandra’ on television.

You can watch the whole thing again here, or just skip to the below points to get to the pop! And then the individual performances are below that.

1:22:05 – Linnea Henriksson, ‘Väldigt Kär/Obegripligt Ensam’
1:37:55 – Elisa’s, ‘Jag Säger Som Det Är’
1:43:00 – Danny Saucedo, ‘Cassandra’
1:54:02 – Sarah Dawn Finer, ‘I’ll Be Your Wish Tonight’

Ulrik Munther and Andreas Johnson also made appearances if you fancy searching for them, but it’s a bit too much guitar for us to deal with on a Saturday morning, förlåt!

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