How Pleasant is the Monopoly Game Song?

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Over the years, numerous Monopoly-inspired slot games appeared on the scene, and one of these is the Monopoly slot powered by Barcrest. The iconic Monopoly board game was introduced over eighty years ago or more specifically in 1935 by Winning Moves, Hasbro, Waddingtons, Parker Brothers, and Funskool. The game is inspired by the Landlord’s Game from 1904 that was crafted by Lizzie G. Magie. However, her game did not include the concept of holding a real estate monopoly as in the classic Monopoly board game.

During the Great Depression, the original board game gained massive popularity in the United States before it found its way to Europe and Asia. The main goal of the game is to collect as many real-estate properties as possible and increase wealth by taking money from their opponents and eventually leading them to bankruptcy. Players who go bankrupt are eliminated from the game. In Monopoly, between two and eight players compete. Gamers roll two dice to move around the Monopoly game board. In the process, they purchase and trade different properties and work on increasing their wealth by developing hotels and houses.

Players can also lose and gain money through Community and Chance cards. Ending up in jail also causes a financial loss as well as paying rent and taxes to other players. As popular as it is, Monopoly is much more than a game. It is a worldwide pop culture phenomenon and has been for many decades. As of 2021, the game is played in over one hundred countries and printed in over thirty languages. Needless to say, the game of Monopoly also found its way into the hearts of online casino gamers through very popular Monopoly video slots.

Monopoly-Inspired Video Slots

Online casino gamers who want to experience the game of Monopoly in an online gaming setting can do so at numerous online casinos that offer Monopoly-inspired video slots. Most Monopoly-inspired video slots feature cartoonish graphics, rich visuals, and of course, loads of different in-game bonuses. In some of these games, you come across the mascot of the Monopoly game, Mr. Monopoly. Mr. Monopoly is also depicted as an old man with a mustache wearing a black suit with a bow and a monocle.

Besides Mr. Monopoly, in most Monopoly video slots, you also come across other popular items from the Monopoly game, including the car, hat, shoe, boat, and of course, the lovely dog. These are generally higher-paying symbols. Some Monopoly slots introduced other Monopoly symbols such as money-pots, taxis, and Jackpot symbols. Since the main idea behind the game is to become well off financially, Monopoly video slots are not short of generous payouts.

Most of these games also benefit from replacing wilds that boost your winning odds and scatters that bring free spins. A variety of other in-game bonuses is also present depending on which game you play. Whether you are a fan of the Monopoly board game or not, exciting Monopoly video slots are most certainly worth checking out, and one of the best within this category is Barcrest-powered Monopoly Big Event. This Monopoly slot game is explained in details over here, while further, we focus on its interesting audio and visual effects.

Barcrest’s Monopoly Big Event – Audio and Visual Features and the Monopoly Game Song

Many years after Hasbro published what will become the most popular board game of all time, Barcrest released its Monopoly video slot, Monopoly Big Event. The Monopoly Big Event slot features 5 reels and 20 paylines and it can be played from 0.20 and 500 credits per spin which is a great betting range suitable for every Monopoly fan out there. The game is loaded with in-game bonuses, and one of these is an unusual Big Event mode players activate as soon as they land three or more special Big Event symbols on the same spin on reels one, three, and five.

The Big Event bonus introduces community and chance cards, just like in the original Monopoly board game. Here in Monopoly Big Event, community cards reveal a number of free spins players have won and guaranteed wins to expect during these free spins. Chance cards reveal bonus symbols and getting three matching bonus symbols also activates a number of free spins alongside guaranteed wins. The game benefits from different Free Spins bonuses that boost players’ winning opportunities with different modifiers.

Triggering its Locking Wilds Free Spins bonus introduces special wild symbols that upon hitting the gaming lock in their place. Triggering the Monopoly Big Event Dancing Wilds Free Spins mode introduces a random fully wild reel. The game also benefits from a Big Bet Game and if you choose this mode, you benefit from a winning multiplier up to 5x.

Like most other Monopoly-themed slots, Monopoly Big Event features rich graphics and cartoonish visuals. Besides Mr. Monopoly, on the reels, you come across standard playing cards, cats, dogs, cars, boats, and there are also jail symbols. The game’s visuals most certainly match its audio effects. Every time you press the spin button, a fast-tempo soundtrack starts playing. It is pleasant but gets too repetitive over some time.

When it comes to the Monopoly game song, Monopoly-themed videos slots cannot include this song since software developers want to avoid copyright infringement. The “Come on Let’s Play Monopoly” song released in 1988 by Chris Sievey includes all major references to the game. This is also the song that every kid in the 90s knew very well, although other songs that reference Monopoly have appeared over the years. Pleasant soothing tunes mixed with familiar Monopoly references make it popular even today.

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