Petra Marklund: ‘Himlen’

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Petra Marklund has just released a brand new track across Scandinavia. It’s called ‘Himlen’ and it’s been done together with Mauro Scocco.

It’s a track from Scocco’s latest album ‘Kom Ut i Kväll’. Petra performs the song entirely on her own though, as all the songs on his new album are performed by different artists (pretty much like the record that Jools Holland has just released in the UK).

‘Himlen’ is a soft ballad, with almost music box and nursery rhyme-esque tones. A tone that’s at first matched by Petra’s vocal delivery, before she abandons the kid gloves, and totally lets rip – belting the song out like a Diva with a capital D. It’s a beautiful kind of sad, or a sad kind of beautiful, whichever way you’re inclined at the time of listening. And it’s something that would have fitted in perfectly with Petra’s most recent album ‘Inferno’.

You can listen to ‘Himlen’ in full below, by skipping to the 23:56 mark of the below stream.

Himlen - Kom ut i kväll! Mauro Scocco 50 (En hyllning)

Lyssna: 11.30 – 12.00 onsdag 27 mar 2013

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