Petra Marklund: ‘Cecilia’ & Marlene: ‘Cecilia’

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Linnea Henriksson’s latest single ‘Cecilia’ has turned out to be a big Scandipop favourite. And fittingly, two artists whom are also big Scandipop favourites, have turned in their own version of the song. Petra Marklund and Marlene. All as part of a promotional campaign by Sony Music Sweden in the run up to the release of Linnea’s new album. A slightly odd promotional campaign, but one which we’d actually be intrigued to see come into play for other Scandipop acts too. The results could be amazing.

Petra Marklund’s take on the song turns it into an indie track, with a killer electronic breakdown at the end. It’s an interesting listen, but we can’t help but think of the fact that had this whole thing come about three years earlier, it would have been September producing an immense dancepop version of the song. And we really would like to have heard that.

In any case, it’s Marlene’s version which is the more enjoyable of the two. A dark and brooding electro number, in which she translates the song into English. And it could well have served as a suitable third single for her outside of Sweden – since she’s the only one of the three ladies who is actually releasing music worldwide these days.

Listen to Petra Marklund and Marlene’s takes on ‘Cecilia’ below. And you can also hear what The Royal Concept and Invader Ace made of it.

Petra Marklund: ‘Cecilia’

Marlene: ‘Cecilia’

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