Peter Jöback has got a busy few months ahead of him (more on that below), but before all that he’s finding the time to release some new music.

‘En Andra Chans’ is the new single, which premiered on Swedish radio yesterday. It’s an MOR track that actually isn’t a million miles away from the French themed (but Swedish languaged) album that he released the year before last. It flirts with the same instrumentation, the same slight retro flavours, and an equal emphasis on the theatrics of music. He’s also, quite pleasingly, managed to shoehorn in a key change. Well done Peter, we salute you.

On first listen, it doesn’t quite jump out at you as strongly as some of his previous hits. But once it settles in, it’s an enjoyable, easy listening, triumph.

On April 29th, Peter commences his role as the main character in the Phantom of The Opera on Broadway. The first European actor to take on the part on Broadway since Michael Crawford played the first ever Phantom 25 years ago.

Here though, is ‘En Andra Chans’;

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