Paw&Lina: ‘Her er Paw&Lina’

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Paw & Lina out of Infernal, formerly Infernal, and instead of Infernal, are gearing up for the release of their first EP as the aforementioned Paw&Lina (removal of spaces between names – artist’s own). It’s called ‘Her er Paw&Lina’ and it’s out on August 18th. This week however, they’ve released a teaser of it. A new track – also called ‘Her er Paw&Lina’.

It’s a (mostly) instrumental track. Actually, we’d put an emphasis on instruMENTAL. It’s a bit nuts. But quite an exciting glimpse into what we’re going to be getting from them.

Lina has said that this EP is going to be a lot more personal, lyrically – and that’s why they’re doing it under Paw&Lina instead of Infernal. Obviously this new track isn’t exactly a showcase of that, but what it does do is let us know that behind those lyrics from the heart, is gonna be some awesome RAVE SIRENS.

Based on the below, it’s going to be a corker of an EP. Here, check out another track from it that we wrote about last month – ‘Forfra’.

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