Paw & Lina: ‘Stolt Af Mig Selv?’

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Infernal aka Paw & Lina have decided to start making and releasing project under a side project to Infernal – which they’re calling Paw & Lina. Got it? Good.

‘Stolt Af Mig Selv?’ (Proud Of Myself?) is the very first fruits of this labor. The single was released today in their native Denmark, and the video has been plonked upon YouTube today too.

It’s not exactly a gazillion miles away from what we’ve heard from them before, which makes the side project thing a bit baffling. Eeek – have they been dropped by their label? Perhaps relinquishing the rights to the Infernal name? We hope not. Although actually it probably won’t matter, since Paw & Lina are clearly always going to continue releasing music together – either as Infernal or as Paw & Lina. And since there’s not much difference between the two, then we’re ok with whatever. ‘Stolt Af Mig Selv’ continues the clubland straddling sound of their previous outfit. It’s big on the synths, it’s big on the strings, and WA-HEY – we get some dubstep thrown into the mix too.

The video is super cute and super sweet. It features the two of them as they are today, performing the song in some garage/studio setting type thing. But this is all interspersed with retro footage of the two of them from when they were younger and first started making music together. We guess this ties in with the whole being proud of one’s self message in the lyrics of the song. But we can’t be sure. We do know however, that they look so young and cute! And by that, yes we particularly mean the divinely handsome Paw. Perhaps knowing very well their audience’s impure thoughts of Paw, they’ve included a few shots of him without clothes. Cheers for that, guys.

Stolt Af Dig Selv? You bloody well should be.

Stolt Af Mig Selv? - Single - Paw & Lina



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