Paw & Lina: ‘Forfra’

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Paw & Lina out of Infernal (sorry, we don’t know why they aren’t calling themselves Infernal anymore – it’s just “Paw & Lina” now) have just put out a brand new single. It’s called ‘Forfra’.

It’s an atmospheric dance track that has more in common with the classic 90s house music sound than it does with the classic Infernal sound. Perhaps that’s why they’re no longer calling themselves Infernal.

In addition to the radio edit, there is also an Infernal remix, which – yes – sounds a lot more like classic Infernal. This is either getting a lot more confusing or making a lot more sense. We’re not sure.

Oh well. One thing about them that has stayed the exact same and will probably never change, is that Paw is still a massive ride. And the pair of them still know how to churn out a great single.

Below you can see Paw & Lina perform the new single live on Danish television, and listen to the “Infernal mix”.

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