Paulina Starborn: ‘Summer Night’

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Paulina Starborn has got a new single coming out. The Swedish singing poplet follows up ‘Never Gonna Let Me Go‘ with the seasonally suitable ‘Summer Night’.

It’s a sugar coated pop song that’s been frozen in time to be handed out during the summer months – ensuring maximum refreshment. A bit like bubblegum flavoured sorbet, and with an equally sugar charged rush felt afterwards. It’s relentlessly cheery and delightfully catchy – a big old hoot of a song, and masses of fun captured in audio and blasted out like the national anthem of a much happier land.


‘Summer Night’ comes out next week. But before then, Paulina Starborn has given us a preview of the track to stream on here – before those summer nights start getting shorter and colder. Although we know we’re going to be enjoying this long into autumn time as well.

[audio:|titles=Summer Night – preview]

The song was written by Linda Sonnvik and Niklas Ringström, who together have also written for Belle, and of course – Caracola.

It’s released next week in Scandinavia, Poland, Switzerland, Italy, and Tunisia, with more countries to follow soon. And there’s a video on its way shortly too!


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