Frida Sundemo has been a bit quiet for a few months. Although obviously we’re not holding that against her – given how she gifted us with the fab ‘Lit Up By Neon’ EP earlier this year. She’s entitled to a rest after all the work she put into THAT.

Well actually, she’s back already. She appears as the featured vocalist on a new song from Para One, called ‘Slow Down’. And the song is from the French film Girlhood, which has just been released over there.

‘Slow Down’ – like all good Frida Sundemo songs – is a card carrying member of the electropop genre. As the title alludes to, it’s down-tempo. And as its film soundtrack calibre suggests, it’s a bit dramatic. The production has a darkness to it, but at the same time a neon shimmer – which we all know Frida Sundemo can bring out in any song.

Have a listen here, via Spotify or YouTube;

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