Swedish pop’s latest squire Oscar Zia, has this week released his first video – of sorts.

They’re calling it a “Visual Lyric Video”. So it’s a great deal better than a lyric video, but not quite a proper music video. Basically it’s him performing the song for us at various photo shoots. And in these financially unstable times within the music industry, perhaps this is the future.

Anyway, it’s a fantastic song, this ‘#Fail’ caper. Here’s what we wrote about it earlier this month.

Since then, “hashtag fail” has steadily made its way into our vocabulary. Not because we say it aloud at the unfolding of unfortunate events though, but more because it’s a catchy song that sticks in your head, so we’ve been singing it aloud quite a lot. Back then we wrote about the song’s cringeworthy lyrics. But they’ve since turned into a large endearment, rather than any kind of an annoyance.

It’s a strong debut from Oscar. And we reckon we’re gonna be hearing a lot more from him in the near future. Particularly around February and March next year…

(purchase fans, it’s available outside of Sweden too btw)

#Fail - Single - Oscar Zia


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