Oscar Zia: ‘Ballare Con Me’ (new single/remix/live/etc)

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Oscar Zia

Tomorrow sees the release of the new single from Oscar Zia. It’s the really quite ph’nom ‘Ballare Con Me’, which we tirelessly campaigned to be the next single from him a couple of months back. Well – one post highlighting its amazingnessness. You can read our musings on it here.

Well it’s all happening. At the weekend he performed ‘Ballare Con Me’ on the first episode of Sommarkrysset. And last week Warner Sweden unleashed the first official remix of the song too. The Peet Syntax & Alexie Divello Radio Edit. Praise the pop Lords for the radio edit version of the remix, eh? We don’t know need to tell you what the remix does to the song. It does what a dance remix does to all pop songs. To great effect. This Syntax and Divello lot are proving themselves to be quite good at turning out a proper good pop remix.

It’s the original that has our hearts though. And it’s still one of our big songs of the summer. We hope it becomes that for oodles more people too. It’s for the best.

Peet Syntax & Alexie Divello Radio Edit

Sommarkrysset performance

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