Open Doors

spotifyThem there month-end Spotify playlists that we used to do regularly, are now back after a five month hiatus. As regular readers will know, at the end of every month, we would compile a Spotify playlists featuring all of the music that we had written about on here that month. We stopped for a little while because of issues with Spotify, but since that’s all sorted now – they’re back! And as well as making one for the month of October, we’ve also done a retrospective catch-up of the four months that we missed out on.


That equates to a what is scientifically known as an effing shed load of ace music. We’ve been listening to and loving them all week.

Here’s October’s playlist.

And September’s. AND August’s. July’s was a hoot. And June’s practically playlisted itself.

And you can always follow our profile on Spotify, to keep up to date with all of our future playlists, and peruse our older ones.



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