Online Gaming And Scandi Music: What To Listen To

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Playing games online provides the perfect opportunity to check in on the current state of the global music scene. Your eyes and hands will be engaged, so why not treat your ears to something a bit different?

Here is a look at some Scandinavian artists that are blowing up at the moment, why they could make a great accompaniment for your next gaming session, and the genres they fit best.

Zara Larsson – MOBAs

She may have risen to prominence thanks to a reality TV talent show, but she’s since become the princess of mainstream Scandinavian pop, with huge global hits to her name and an entertaining presence on Twitter to boot.

Her 2017 album So Good is packed with upbeat bangers, ideal to listen to while you’re leading your team to victory in multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games like League of Legends or Dota 2. Tracks such as Lush Life are also a good accompaniment to playing slots or table games at – particularly popular amongst the Norge gamblers out there.

Arcturus – Fantasy RPGs

Metal is a big genre in Scandinavian countries, and Norway is home to its fair share of high flying bands in this fairly niche genre. Arcturus sit at the weirder end of an already unusual sonic spectrum, but their deceptively complex output is definitely worth a look if.

2002’s album The Sham Mirrors is a 43 minute long blast of intricate drums, intriguing vocal melodies and richly layered guitars. It’s a genre-busting work, but also one which fits in well with fantasy games.

Whether you’re still grinding away at World of Warcraft, or prefer the jolly cooperation offered by the Dark Souls franchise, Arcturus are the left-of-field metal band to stick on while you play.

Sigrid – Online Collectible Card Games

The chilled out underpinnings of Sigrid’s musical style have helped her to garner a worldwide following over the past couple of years. And with an ethereal voice, she sounds like she could have come from any decade, were it not for the crisply modern production that supports it.

The more relaxed tone that she brings to the table is better suited to low octane online gaming experiences, where you’ll need to think carefully about your next move rather than being distracted by aural blasts.

Collectible card games (CCGs) have risen to prominence in recent years, with the likes of Hearthstone, Gwent, Shadowverse and Faeria all gaining momentum. Since a lot of these games are also free to play, you can afford to snap up Sigrid’s 2017 album Don’t Kill My Vibe to put on in the background.

Prins Thomas – Strategy Games

Part ambient, part upbeat, the back catalogue of Norwegian electronic artist Prins Thomas is packed with soothing, subtle and yet surprisingly engaging creations that are well worth investigating if you want to get into more Scandinavian music.

The lack of vocals on many of his tracks means that you can give your full attention to the game you’re playing while still feeling buoyed up by the optimistic audio landscapes he creates. If you love playing turn-based strategy games online like StarCraft II, pop on some of his stuff and think your way to victory.

Swedish House Mafia – FPS Games

You’ll probably be familiar with Swedish House Mafia if you’ve been anywhere near a radio in the past decade. And after years of hiatus, they’re back with plans for a 2019 tour.

Their floor-filling classics aren’t just great for the club, but can also give you the energy you need to hone your senses and start racking up the kills in popular first-person shooters.

You might be a fan of long time favourites like Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or prefer newer arrivals like Overwatch. Whatever your FPS of choice, the euphoric EDM of Swedish House Mafia will pep you up between rounds.

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