Oleg: ‘Elektropop’

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311131 243759312332052 243759122332071 647262 6771156 nTwo episodes into the latest series of Swedish Idol and it’s already unmissable television. Alexander Bard as a judge, former Love Generation girl Roshanna auditioning, and a high volume of really very good singers have passed the first audition stages so far. Bravo TV4, we’re hooked!

And now this……

This is gonna be inescapable for a while. As for how long he gets to run and run with it, we’re not quite sure. It could be a week or it could be a very long time indeed, depending on how he plays it. But given that he’s got the full backing of Universal Music Sweden, we’re guessing it may be the former!

HE is Oleg. A Russian gentleman who was supposedly on his way to Skansen one afternoon this summer and saw the queue for the Idol auditions. So he decided to audition himself. With his own composition, ‘Elektropop’. It made good entertainment for three reasons;

  • His looks
  • His thick Russian accent working itself around the Swedish language with all the subtlety of a veritable bull in a metaphorical china shop.
  • The fact that the song, while clearly ridiculous, is actually extremely catchy. And dare we say it (of course we do, it’s us!), quite good!

In less than twelve hours, his official Facebook fan page (thanks to some advertising on social media by Universal) has earned over 26,000 ‘likes’ and is still rising. More importantly, the song ‘Elektropop’ is now NUMBER 1 ON FUCKING ITUNES!

Where this will end, we don’t quite know. But like we said, it may well be inescapable for a while, so you might as well familiarise yourself with it. Below is the single, and below that is his audition.

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