Oh Land: ‘Speak Out Now’ – the video!

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Oh Land3 e1324033289916

This week saw the arrival of a new video from Danish pop hierarchy Oh Land. Such a thing brings great promise, since Oh Land ALWAYS brings great pop videos to the table. Always.

We’ve already poured praise on the single itself, ‘Speak Out Now’, back in December. And it’s still brill. Now let’s assess this new video for it.

It’s gorgeous. Of course. And SHE looks gorgeous in it too. Of course. Bizarrely, when watching it we couldn’t help but imagine it as a potential scene in a future Batman film if Poison Ivy were to ever transform from a villain into a goodguy. Well – that’s if Batman was ever made into a musical, which we hope it isn’t. But let’s pretend anyway. See, it works;

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