Oh Hey Annie! Her Top 12 Finest Tracks

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Annie has got herself that long-awaited new album out tomorrow, ‘Dark Hearts’. And by long-awaited, we mean eleven long years – so there’s no hyperbole there. Or anywhere in this countdown, for that matter. A countdown of the twelve greatest songs that the Norwegian artist has gifted us with down through the years (and, in some cases within this countdown, this year). To mark the release of the new album tomorrow, we’ve delved deep and wide into her glittering catalogue, and picked our selection of the absolute best. The finest moments, the max tracks, and the songs that no collection of Annie highlights can be without.

The essential – of which there are twelve.

Of course, the twelve songs have been ranked – for legacy and for geekery. And we will not be accepting any further comment at this time.

There’s a playlist. Of course there’s a playlist. Made up of these twelve songs – plus ten more highlights from Annie’s past singles, EPs and albums. And you can listen to that playlist right here.

Now Annie, let’s take a look back over the Songs that best Remind Me Of You.


12. Ralph Macchio (2013)
A tune that somewhow manages to sound like the most gloriously drawn-out outro to your favourite song – from the second it starts.

11. American Cars (2020)
Annie returned in 2020 – a year in which ’80s synth pop is back in fashion – with a song that sounds like it’s an unearthed blockbuster from that very era.

10. Dadaday (2015)
The highlight of her ‘Endless Vacation’ EP is a song which actually succeeds in evoking extended holiday feels. “Another night…..another day……just give me“.

09. Songs Remind Me Of You (2009)
On which Annie gets to have her bombastic Pet Shop Boys moment, and manages to rise to the occasion magnificently. Like a queen.

08. Back Together (2013)
Annie dances blissfully inside that gap between ’80s synthwave and ’90s house music. Perhaps more than any of her older songs on this list, it’s this one that could be a (greatest) hit in 2020

07. Chewing Gum (2004)
The sound of Annie holding court while half-heartedly recounting to the room how talented she is, while a squelching production chews the furniture in the background.  It shouldn’t work, but we’ve all spent the last 16 years listening in awe as it does.

06. The Streets Where I Belong (2020)
A song about loss, lamenting and using music to take you back to a certain time – while simultaneously using music to invite and transport us into that very moment with her. A new song of hers, but already a classic in her repertoire.

05. My Love Is Better (2009)
The girl from Norway went and made what’s become one of the definitive songs from *that* era of British pop music.

04. I Know Ur Girlfriend Hates Me (2008)
Sonically, this is the successor to ‘Chewing Gum’ in Annie’s back catalogue. But one of those rare occasions where the sequel is better than the original. “Does she get a little excited?” is some top-tier gaslighting to ur girlfriend.

03. Heartbeat (2004)
This song has a prologue, different chapters and an absolutely beautiful epilogue, musically. A masterclass in pop storytelling within one single track.

02. Me Plus One (2004)
Annie and Richard X collaborate on what’s undoubtedly her biggest POP moment. Rumour has it that if you say ‘Me Plus One’ out loud three times while staring into a mirror, someone on the internet will appear to tell you who the song was written about.

01. Anthonio (Designer Drugs remix) (2009)
Did you ever really care?” Oh Annie – we’ve never cared more. In the screenplay of the film that is Annie’s repertoire of tunes, the Designer Drugs remix of ‘Anthonio’ plays over the multi-scene, no-dialogue sequence in which we get to see our protagonist unquestionably triumph. Or something like that.

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