Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2021: The Heat 3 Songs!

So what happened in the second heat, then? Well, THIS happened. And needless to say, it won its heat and secured its slot in the final on February 20th.
And what’s happening in heat 3? Four more song will compete, only one of which will be voted through to the final by the Norwegian public. They’ll have to choose between this lot you can find below.
A good Saturday evening’s entertainment. And also tomorrow night, will be a performance from the latest pre-qualified finalist, which was released today – and which you can also find below;


Kaja Rode – Feel Again
(Magnus Martinsen, Mirjam Johanne Omdal, Andreas Gjone, Erika Dahlen)
Known from competing on The Voice of Norway, ‘Feel Again’ now serves as Kaja Rode’s debut single. It’s straight-up pop music that’s brimming with drama and shamelessly showcasing a certain camp flair to it. It builds towards a key change, the appearance of a choir and a performance of an ending. It sounds like it’s been tailor-made to be delivered by a diva at Eurovision.


Dinaye – Own Yourself
(Christian Ingebrigtsen, David Thulin, Dina Matheussen)
Thoroughly wholesome pop with lyrics made up of inspirational quotes for the young ‘uns. It’s difficult to dislike, but it may well be too sweet for some palates. Lots of Norwegian tweens are gonna absolutely eat up this pre-bedtime sugar rush on Saturday night, however!

Big Daddy Karsten – Smile
(Karsten Dahl Marcussen, Are Næsset, Pål Gauslaa Sivertzen)
A big gay bear rapping about his love for his partner, while simultaneously bigging up the benefits of potentially keeping things open in the relationship. It’s a whole lot of fun that hits the right tone and exudes bags of charm.

Emmy – Witch Woods
(Olli Äkräs, Elsa Søllesvik, Morten Franck)
A country girl taunting all you city boys for not being able to handle her. The lyrics might be slightly terrifying under any other circumstances, but being paired with a bopped-up beat and backed by an accordion means that we’re all having fun here. Aren’t we?

Ole Hartz – Vi Er Norge
(Rein Mellbye Van Vliet, Eirik Næss, Ole F. Hartz Gravbråten, Magnus Hagen Clausen, Petter Bjørklund Kristiansen)
Schnapps-swigging schlager that goes big on the fiddle while trilling about the beauty of the wonderful country from which it hails. Our fave of the bunch this week!

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