Norway’s Melodi Grand Prix 2019: Your Guide To The Final!

Last year’s result still hurts. It does. It does. But Norway have the chance to honestly wipe the whole slate clean and MORE than make up for last year’s disaster.
How so? They’ve got KEiiNO’s ‘Spirit In The Sky’ in the line-up.
And the song is THAT good? And so much more.
Will the Norwegians pick it? It’s the clear favourite to win. It’s got more than double the streams of the second most streamed song from the line-up. And ten times the streams of some of the other songs. And deservedly so.
Would any other result be acceptable? No.
Ok but I’ve not heard any of the songs yet – are any others worth checking out? Ok. Mørland’s ‘En Livredd Mann’ is really nice. And some of the others are good. But honestly, ‘Spirit In The Sky’ is just LEAGUES better than everything else. Have we mentioned how much we like it?

Here’s your line-up;


Chris Medina – We Try

D’Sound – Mr. Unicorn

Mørland – En Livredd Mann

Anna-Lisa Kumoji – Holla

Erlend Bratland – Sing for You

Ingrid Berg Mehus – Feel

Hank von Hell – Fake it

Carina Dahl – Hold Me Down

Adrian Jørgensen – The Bubble

Keiino – Spirit in the Sky

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