Norway chose it’s Eurovision song last night, and so we now have the first Nordic entry to the 2022 Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

As the six-week Melodi Grand Prix FEST drew to a close, Norway went with ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’ by Subwoolfer, bestowing 368,106 votes its way, to the runner-up’s (‘Someone’ by NorthKid) 312,223.

Did they choose right? They most definitely did! With ‘Give That Wolf A Banana’, the Norwegians have potentially got another televote winner in the bag, as they achieved at the 2019 Eurovision Song Contest, with ‘Spirit In The Sky’ by KEiiNO. The miserable old juries are likely to mark it down, but the Eurovision viewing public are even likelier to lap it up.

It’s a genuinely great pop tune cunningly disguised as a novelty entry with big teeth. The Subwoolfer duo manage to convey charm despite us never seeing their faces, and their choreography is adorable. Like, really cute. The meme potential is big, and with barely half the line-up of this year’s songs having been revealed, it’s already quite clear that when mainstream media outlets are going to be doing Eurovision coverage for the masses in the run-up to May, they’re most probably going to be leading with a picture of Subwoolfer. You just would, wouldn’t you?

We’d also go so far as to say that the HIT potential is big here, too – outside of the contest. But let’s not get too carried away just yet. For now, let’s just enjoy all the fun we’re in for with this entry between now and mid-May.

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