Non Tiq: ‘Quiet’ (2012 Tonique mix)

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Here comes a fresh serving of some fine Scandinavian electropop. Well – reheated in the microwave, but still delicious anyway.

The original version of ‘Quiet’ was actually released around two years ago, by Swedish singer Non Tiq. But fellow Swedish dance label Uniform Beat recently decided that it needed a remix, a refurbishment, and a re-release. And if Uniform Beat say so, it’s probably for the best.

The remix, courtesy of Tonique, gives it a glam 2012 makeover. Doused in electronica and set alight. Their new production is the star here, particularly kicking in and kicking off at the 0:17 point of the stream below. It’s fancy pantsy electro with a subliminal encouragement to raise those arms in the air and wave them about jovially. It’s slightly cool, but don’t worry – it’s very inclusive with it.

And as is always the case with Uniform Beat, they’ve shared the love worldwide – and released it outside of Sweden too.

Tonique are also working on a remix of Smith & Thell’s fab ‘Kill It With Love’ too. We await with expectant ears.


Quiet (Tonique Remix) - Single - Non Tiq



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