Non Tiq: ‘Before Christmas’

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WhoOOOOooo? Swedish singer Nora Lindkvist. We featured an awesome remix of hers on the site two and a half years ago. Keep up!
And she’s released a Christmas single? She has. A really very charming song called ‘Before Christmas’ which features sleigh bells and everything. It also houses a gloriously catchy piano riff and an eighties-esque top-line. One of the few Christmas songs released this year that has a tempo set to higher than soft n’ low. And for that we salute her.
Best bit? The string-tastic middle eight. Beautiful stuff.
And what was her thought process in writing the song?This time of year it’s like everything gets that much dimmer. People go around staring blankly ahead. A year has passed – what happened? How did this happen? Why did I never do that? Why did I never tell you how I feel? Why is time so damn fast?“. That.


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