NOAH: ‘Over Byen’

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Here’s a current hit in Denmark that we’re enjoying quite a lot at the moment. ‘Over Byen’ by Danish duo NOAH.

This was actually released a couple of months ago, but it’s right now Top 10 in Denmark. Plus, we had no idea of its existence until Troy in the Scandipop Facebook group alerted us to it (click here to request to join).

‘Over Byen’ is a hugely melodic number, but its biggest charm is the synth that it’s anchored by throughout. A synth that is suddenly dropped in pleasingly in time for the first verse, plays out beautifully throughout that verse, and then erupts into something a lot bigger and bolder once the chorus starts.For some reason, it’s the journey of that synth that is the main focus of the song for us, and the vocal – while still being pretty ace in itself – plays second fiddle.

Male synth-pop duos have been ten-a-penny these last few years, with each one usually (and understandably) attempting to put an interesting and unique mark on their own sound. But with ‘Over Byen’, NOAH aren’t trying anything too revolutionary, and have instead focused on creating a really good pop track. And that’s refreshing in itself, as is the result – listening to the song. It’s a simple one, but an intriguing one too.

Here’s the video. And the boys have made the single available outside of their native Denmark too, iTunes link below the vid.

Over Byen - Single - Noah


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