Nikita Nox: ‘What Would You Do’

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Say hello to Swedish popstrel Nikita Nox, and her new single ‘What Would You Do’. It is quite a good song, as it happens. Hence why we’re writing about it.

This one doesn’t exactly re-invent the wheel when it comes to pop music. But thank goodness for that – we quite like the way the wheels of pop spin round, thank you very much.┬áNikita delivers a bass heavy production that veers between club and urban. Let’s call it clurban. Actually, let’s not. It’s got a catchy chorus that puts us in mind of Rebecca Stella’s recent track ‘Give Me That O‘. It’s also got this warped effect on the sound which is quite endearing.

It took a few listens for us to ‘get’ this. Well, around three weeks to be honest. But we got there in the end and it was definitely worth the effort.

We couldn’t decide which version we prefer – the radio edit or the dance mix – so here’s both for your perusal;

Radio Edit

What Would You Do - What Would You Do - Single

Club Edit

What Would You Do (Club Edit) - What Would You Do - Single



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