Some Scandipopstars have been taking to the internet recently to preview some of their brand new sounds and forthcoming music. The popteases, them. Here, we’ve put together a quick list of some that you may have missed out on. And we can’t be having that.

Alphabeat yesterday announced that their long awaited third album ‘Express Non-Stop’ will finally be released on September 28th. However, on MONDAY we will get the release of new single ‘Love Sea’ (‘Jizz River’, anyone?). And they’ve already put out a clip of it. It’s big, it’s bouncy, and it plays out like ‘Vacation’ part two. And that all sounds good to us. Listen to a minute or so of ‘Love Sea’ here.

Swedish house maestros Nause have ‘teased’ forthcoming song with an easy to remember title – ‘This Is The Song’. It follows on from our much loved ‘Made Of’ and ‘Mellow’ that they’ve put out as previous singles. It’s another instrumental dance track, and hey ho – another factor that’s instrumental in us wanting the boys to stay on the Scandipopscape for as long as is possible. Listen to almost two minutes of ‘This Is The Song’ here.

Iceland’s Eurovision entry from this year, Greta Salóme, has put out a preview of her first post-Eurovision single. It’s called ‘Everywhere Around Me’, and it’s in keeping with the big ol’ drama of ‘Never Forget’. Lots of strings, a symphony of drums, but taking things in a slightly more pop direction. That’s two thumbs up from us. Listen to a minute of ‘Everywhere Around Me’ here.

Elsewhere in Iceland, you may remember we wrote about their hot female electropop singer Thorunn Antonia a few months back. Well she’s now ready with the release of her album ‘Star Crossed’, and you can listen to clips of each of the songs right here. It sounds very promising. We want.

Former REbound chap Rabih Jaber is set to release his third single ‘You & I’ soon. It follows on from the Scandipop approved ‘Millionaire’ and ‘Leave The World Behind’, and we’re delighted to discover that ‘You & I’ sounds like it’s going to be just as good, based on the 30 second preview that he’s uploaded to YouTube.

Then of course, Rabih’s ex-REbound band mate Eddie Razaz also previewed a new song of his own, here on Scandipop last week. Check out ‘Lifeline‘ if you’ve not yet had a chance to listen. And while you’re at it, other artists who’ve premiered new material on this site over the last couple of weeks have been Stockholm Syndrome (formerly Love Generation), NEO, Daze, Magnus Carlsson, Daniela, RAW, and Paulina Starborn.

So there we are!


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