New schlager dosage, anyone?!

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hera bjork

It’s been a quiet year for schlager music. Melodifestivalen, whilst being one of the strongest competitions of all time, was relatively dry on schlager in 2009. Of the three Thomas G:Son songs, only one of them was an arms-in-the-air, melodious belter. However, we were still treated to an almighty schlager anthem this year – one which we know that we’re going to continue to love and adore in years to come. That was ‘Someday’ by Hera Bjork. But due to the more ‘serious’ stylings of her previous musical output, we were worried that ‘Someday’ was a one-off. A novelty. A fluke.

Thankfully, we were wrong!

22906949Hera Bjork is back with a new single written by fellow Iceland dweller, Orylgur Smari (who’s previously worked on Euroband, Haffi Haff, Paul Oscar). It’s called ‘My Heart’ and is another heart wrenching epic set to a camp bpm! Like all good schlager anthems, it starts off as a ballad, and then lets rip after the first verse. This one teases the drama out too, the first chorus isn’t screamed until after one minute into the song! We’re praying that this means that we get a schlager album from Hera. Please! We’re practically starved! Hopefully Hera Bjork will be the oasis to keep us going until next year’s Eurovision season!

You can hear ‘My Heart’ and ‘Someday’ at her myspace page;

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