New (scandi)pop vids!

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Let’s all calm down, have a seat, and fix our concentration on some new pop videos that have emerged from Scandinavia this week.

There, that’s better!

Let’s start with The Sound of Arrows. As we all know by now, their album ‘Voyage’ has just been released. And as we all SHOULD know by now, it’s basically brilliant. If you’re still not aware of this undisputable fact, then you can head on over to Popjustice, where they are streaming the album in full. But we’re not here to talk about that – we wanna instead talk about the video for the album’s lead single, ‘Wonders’. Here’s what we said about ‘Wonders’ when it first came out. And that still stands of course. The video to ‘Wonders’ in many ways manages to match, convey, and capture the simplistic yet un-pinpointable beauty of the song – by being simplistically and un-pinpointably beautiful itself! We thought that the whole consumption experience of ‘Wonders’ couldn’t be heightened. We were wrong;

Next we’ve got another duo from Sweden – Rebecca & Fiona. Hot on the heels – or in their case, cool on the pumps – of unleashing the video for their ‘Turn It Down’ single, they’ve gone and put out a video for ‘Jane Doe’. Here’s what we said about ‘Jane Doe’ before. The video is a pink and plastic acid trip in the confines of their bedroom. So a true glimpse into the regular Tuesday night/Wednesday morning routine of Rebecca & Fiona then, we imagine. Both sublime and ridiculous, concurrently.

Now we move to Medina, who has just put out a video for ‘Execute Me’. We haven’t actually written about the song before, but it’s really a very old track, so doesn’t quite warrant a post all to itself. It’s yet another single to be taken off her debut English album, ‘Welcome To Medina’. Right now we’re far too caught up in her latest Danish album, ‘For Alltid’, but this is admittedly a nice and nostalgic trip back to her last era. It’s a collection of behind the scenes and live performance footage, interspersed with a few shots of Medina looking cool

Finally, we’ve got a new track and video from Erik Hassle. The track is a cover of Sam Cooke’s ‘Nothing Can Change This Love’. It’s little more than a gift to fans really – the video is a performance vid, and the song is one which you can download for free, right here. Personally, we much prefer Erik when he’s trilling his own material. But thought this worth a mention on here anyway, given the free downloadness of the whole thing!

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