New Amy Diamond music!

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Amy Diamond’s Greatest Hits album was released in Sweden this week. We’ve already heard that two of the new tracks on there are covers; ‘Only You’ and ‘True Colours’. But now a brand new song that is included on the album is here – ‘Ready To Fly’. And on top of this, we’re also getting another cover version – ‘Perfect’.

‘Ready To Fly’ has the dance pop sound that we were all hoping for when it was announced that she was working with Pitchline. It’s got an immense string riff going all the way through, not unlike Ola’s ‘All Over The World’ or Alcazar’s ‘Headlines’. It’s not a full on club anthem of course, she still maintains the immature charm that’s been present in all of her other hits so far. But it’s already one of our favourite Amy songs.

‘Perfect’ is a cover of the Fairground Attraction classic. Three covers out of only four new tracks isn’t exactly what we were hoping for. But then we have to remember that we aren’t really the target demographic for this album! And besides, we can’t really complain when the rest of the album is packed full of fantastic songs.

You can listen to the two new songs below. And below that, you can watch the tv advert for the Greatest Hits, as a reminder of why you need this album in your life!

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