New Agnes Track

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Amongst all of the re-filming of videos, re-editing of singles, and reissues of albums that’s been happening with Agnes recently as she goes from Swedish Idol to International Star (Germany, one of the biggest music markets in the world, is the latest country to fall under the spell of ‘Release Me’ this week), an actual brand spanking new track has appeared! ‘You Rain’ has popped up quietly on the European re-release of her ‘Dance! Love! Pop!’ album. It’s a ballad – perhaps to restore normality in a universe that was turned on its head when another ballad of hers, ‘I Need You Now’ was remixed into a full on dance track for its UK release next month! It’s a very good ballad at that. Starting out with serenity and finishing with a gospel choir, with a nice build up in between. It’s really quite beautiful actually. Agnes is slowly turning into one of our favourite pop stars of all time!

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