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The recent situation in the world has led to an increase in people looking to pass the time at home, with Scandinavia just as affected as elsewhere.

Indeed, in Sweden, new gaming laws are likely to be passed according to Affiliate Insider, as a direct result of the increase in people turning to online casinos and slot machines as an alternative to the real thing. The rise in usage has been noted across the world, with a host of new customers finding their way to providers. With that in mind, we felt it prudent to examine the things you need to know before turning to online slot machines.


Unlike a mechanical slot machine, online slots use RNG to determine the likelihood of winning. That stands for Random Number Generator and it decides on the RTP or the Return to Player. The higher the RTP percentage, the better your chances of winning.


It is important to consider if online slots are legal in your country before playing; for instance Norway has very strict gaming laws, but does still allow residents to play online. Also, you need to understand the age restrictions both in your country and of the individual provider. Some platforms require you to be over 21.

You may also want to check minimum system requirements if you plan to play on a home computer. Apps should be fine, iOS and Android are both popular platforms to approach online gaming, but a home computer will have system requirements, much like with video games.


It is also important to consider why you are playing online slots and what makes them more attractive than brick and mortar casinos for you. Ease of use is one strong reason to play online; you can take part on a bus, at home or on your break at work.

The prizes are also of sufficient size to ensure they are competitive with a proper establishment too. In a Gala Spins article on the biggest online slot wins it is explained how the largest prize was claimed in the United Kingdom; one lucky player bagged a jackpot of £13.2m (€14.7m). That is comparable to the win that one Finnish man claimed in an online game in Scandinavia, which was estimated by the BBC to be €17.8m, but at a lower exchange rate. Of course, you cannot expect to be taking home winnings like that, but it demonstrates how online slots are no less lucrative.

The range of games is also attractive, a physical casino can only have so many machines, whilst online you will find a much wider selection. You should find online slots more enjoyable because of the variety. With the large assortment of different slots on offer, you are sure to find one you like eventually.


It is wise to set your limits before you start as well. In a physical casino, you may have a stack of coins or chips that you can see depleting when you’re on a bad run; when you’re at home it is all digital and it could be easy to lose track of what you can afford.

Do find a provider you like as well, research them first and stick to the industry leaders for complete safety. The industry has plenty of reputable providers, so take your time to choose wisely.

Have Fun

The biggest tip is to enjoy yourself. Find a game you like, work within your budget and have fun. If you know when to start and when to stop, online slots can be a great way to enjoy yourself without having to leave the house.

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