Nause: ‘Tomorrow’s Just Begun’

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Swedish house duo Nause are back after a suprisingly lengthy absense, with brand new single ‘Tomorrow’s Just Begun’.

We say surprising, because they sort of exploded onto the scene with three phenomenal and successful tracks – ‘Made Of‘, ‘Hungry Hearts‘, and ‘This Is The Song‘ – and then that was more or less it, and that was twelve months ago. But order has now been restored. Nause are back.

‘Tomorrow’s Just Begun’ picks up where older hits left off. A melodic and sing-a-long topline is plonked over an epic dance track with an instrumental breakdown that’s just as high up on the chorus-o-meter as the vocal parts. These chaps know how to do the peak-time floor-filler thing better than most.

‘Tomorrow’s Just Begun’ is out now and has been released outside of Sweden too.



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